Carriage House Studio Architects Residential Architecture

Jeff & Dominique

The rocky, wooded site for this new house slopes gently down from the road, pauses and rises a bit, then drops steeply to the river. Every spring, in the crevasse before the land takes its dramatic fall, a vernal pool appears and spring peepers fill the air with their deep throated songs. The house was designed to capture the natural light, breezes and the mountain views to the west and to preserve the spring peepers' habitat.

The entry porch clings to the uphill edge and leads to an enclosed bridge that spans the crevasse and connects to the main house. The main house has a small footprint to minimize its impact on the site. Rising three stories, the house's narrow proportions and natural materials blend with the surrounding tall pines. Inside, the house is full of light, color and, every evening in the springtime, the sounds of the spring peepers.




on the New Meadows River in West Bath, Maine